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Just share an image! is designed in a very easy and user friendly way to let you share an image URL with your counterparts.

It's the very fastest way to share your screenshots without any software or plugins download or installation.

The Easiest Way to Share Your Screenshots Online

Days are gone, when you have to spend much time on sharing your screenshots on internet. In old days you had to register yourself on a website and then you can upload your screenshots in a folder which you wanted to share with your friends, business partners or posting on a forum and Blog. In this modern era, it has very simplest where you can share your print screen across the world in less than 1 minute!

We understand your needs and value of time so offering Internet’s best platform, Your Print Screen, where you can share any kind of screenshot on internet in just few seconds without using any software or plug-in in your computer. Our only aim to provide a user friendly custom printscreen sharing platform where anyone can share their screenshots across the world in just few seconds without creating a account on website. It’s just a platform for you not a software or plug-in which you need to install in your system and obviously
it’s 100% FREE!



  • Upload picture file from your computer, just click:


with Windows:

  • open the window you want to capture
  • press ALT + PRT SCR (for active window screen) or
  • press PRT SCR (for whole desktop screen)
  • return to this website and
  • press CTRL + V to upload the image

With a Mac:

  • Press Shift + Ctrl + Cmd + 3 to copy the current window, return to this site and press Cmd + V.
  • Press Command-Shift-3 for whole desktop screen.
  • Press Command-Shift-4 to select an area of screen.
  • You can see the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop.
  • Simply drag'n drop it into this web.
  • Or return to this website
  • and click the main screen (or the Upload button above) and select your .png file.


  • Note: Ctrl + V will only work with Google Chrome browser; for other browser you may need to use the upload button or the drag&drop feature if available.


At this moment the following features are available in Your Print Screen:

  • Drag'n Drop image or press Ctrl + V at the home page.
  • Upload image using the red Upload button.
  • Crop your image by using the CROP tool.
  • Maximize images by clicking MAXIMIZE Button.
  • Copy the sharing URL by Copy Link.
  • Open PrintScreen image URL in new browser tab by Get Link and click on the link.
  • Share PrintScreen image URL in Social media
  • Set Auto Delete configuration by moving slider, so image will be deleted automatically after defined time. Default to ONE day if not set.
  • Delete Image instantly by Delete button.

At this platform, you have full controls to make your print screen customizes so you can share only what you really want to show using tools like Crop any part of your image, or even set delete time of your print screen when you want to delete it, instant sharing option on most popular social media platforms and most important you can check out a preview of your screenshot before sharing to others so you can be ensured for what you are going to share.

So, it’s one of the much easier and quicker way to share a screenshot around the world via Internet. You can save your time and effort by just using our platform at free of cost. If you are not using Your Print Screen for sharing your screenshots then you are really missing something that is outstanding.

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